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All Types
Includes everything listed and not listed below. Be sure to use a search word if it doesn't fall under one of our categories.

Relationships: Couples, Singles, Marriage
Relationship retreat centers offer the richest opportunities for couples and singles alike in opening and expanding their abilities to relate skillfully and connect naturally with others.  Learning how to enrich and maintain healthy relationships has a profound impact on our day to day happiness and peace of mind.

Family: Parenting, Children, Teens, Reunions
Retreat centers offering programs and facilities that caters to families.  Whether families are seeking shared experiences which nurture family relationships and create memories, or are looking for individual needs for teens, children or parents to learn, grow and expand skills, the result can be family health and enrichment.

Men's Retreats:  Men's issues, Gay
Retreats that focus on the issues and needs of men, including and not limited to personal growth, spirituality, gay issues, sexual, emotional, stress, creative, family issues, seniors and retirement, fatherhood, single fathers, recovery and empowerment groups.

Women's Retreats:  Women's issues, Lesbian
Retreats that focus on the needs and issues of women, including and not limited to personal growth, spirituality, lesbian issues, motherhood, single mothers, health issues, creativity, empowerment, feminism, menopause, seniors, retirement and recovery.

Corporate: Professional, Career, Personal Development, Team Building
Corporate retreat centers provide a unique environment, outside the traditional workplace, for company growth and evolution.  Leading corporations have found that changing the setting of meetings or workshops helps to stimulate and inspire new ideas and creative thinking for improved functionality, productivity and overall health of company and staff.

Nature: Environmental, Outdoor Adventure, Wilderness, Farm/Ranch, Hot Springs
Retreats that are located in natural settings and/or have programs with a focus on nature.  Opportunities are available for hiking, camping, swimming, learning outdoor skills, raising wildlife and earth awareness, wilderness and adventure programs.  There is great value in retreating to the power and tranquility of nature, which is often absent in everyday living. 

Spiritual: Denominational, Non-denominational, New Thought, New Age, Meditation, Indigenous, Native American, Philosophy, Interfaith, Pagan
Retreats that have spiritual focus and intention, from personal spiritual exploration and development to programs offered for specific religious affiliations.  Retreats are offered for all denominations, non-denominational, eastern philosophy, new thought, new age, philosophy, mind-body-spirit, meditation, monasteries and abbeys, and other paths of spiritual nourishment.

Health and Wellness:  Alternative Health, Sports & Fitness, Massage, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Mental/Emotional, Healing, Tai Chi, Pilates, Recovery, Mind/Body/Spirit 
Health and Wellness Retreats Centers promote creative opportunities for individuals and groups to take a break from the daily routines of life to explore ways of balancing body, mind, emotions and spirit.  In this process, we directly experience the benefits of relaxation, rejuvenation and development of new life skills toward a greater sense of healthy living and optimal wellness.  Learning how to be more conscious about our choices through intentional self care helps enliven our home and work environments.

Yoga: Hatha, Kripalu, Kundalini, Anusara, Iyengar, Jiva Mukti, Astanga, Integral
There is a rich variety of yoga retreats offering many styles and areas of focus. Yoga is versatile, allowing practitioners to focus on the physical, psychological, spiritual and a combination of the three.  There are four paths of Yoga: 1) Jnana, path of wisdom; 2) Bhakti, path of devotion; 3) Karma, path of action; and 4) Raja, path of self-control.  The most popular form of Raja in the west is Hatha Yoga, which includes many styles (Kripalu, Iyengar, Astanga, to name a few) involving postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayama), and may include meditation, chanting and other traditional ritual. 

Spa: Massage, Hydrotherapy, Relaxation, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Health and Beauty Treatments 
Spas offer many services listed under health and wellness, yoga, nature, etc.  They are such a large category in and of themselves, that they deserve their own category.  In relation to retreats, our focus is to include retreat centers that offer spa amenities as well as spas that offer retreats. Day Spas are not yet included in our directory.

Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Dance/Movement, Culinary Arts, Drama/Theater, Folk Art & Dance, Writing/Literature, Crafts, Carpentry, Design, Fashion
Retreats that offer a wide variety of opportunities to learn about, enjoy, and immerse oneself in the various forms of creative expression.  Under each subcategory, a range of specific types are available.  For example various forms of dance are available, such as folk, ballet, modern, square, line, tap, jazz, international, ethnic, sufi, and many more.  Whatever area of interest and focus you have, there is bound to be a retreat center offering your favorite form of creative expression.

For Rent:  Conferences, Meeting and Workshop Facilities, Special Occassions, Reunions
Deciding to take your group (business or personal) outside of the day to day environment is an important experience to offer. If your event is well organized and has the amenities you need the group's experience will be a successful one. Centers can either be rural or urban environments. Finding the right retreat or conference center is a significant element in assuring that success. We have in our directory, retreat and center locations for all kinds of events and budgets. Please browse through and discover the multitude of places and amenities available.

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