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Q How do I navigate through the web site?
A Use the leaf icons on the left or image buttons at the bottom of each page.
Click the eXpandRetreats logo at any time to return to the home page.
Q How do I get more information about a specific retreat center?
A Find a retreat center that meets your needs with our ‘Find a Retreat’ page.
Click on the name of the center that you want more information from.
  • If it is a Featured Retreat, you will see complete information about the center with additional links and contact information.
  • For all other retreats, you will see basic contact information. Please contact this retreat center directly with the information provided and tell them you used
Q What is a Featured Retreat Listing vs. normal retreat listing?
  • A Featured Retreat listing is fully advertised. It has it's own personalized page giving the customer a detailed representation of the type of retreat center it is and the services it offers. Extensive contact information and photos are included. The page also has a request information form that allows you to request additional information directly from the Featured Retreat. All of the site's information is maintained by our eXpand team and is altered and/or updated per the retreat center request. “Virtual" tours maybe available. 
  • A normal retreat listing is listed in the eXpand directory as a benefit to our customers. A non-featured retreat center does not have it's own personalized page but is listed on eXpand’s ‘Search Result’ page with the retreat center name, mailing address, and phone number.
See our "Join Our Directory" page for more information.
Q How can my retreat center get listed on your site as a Featured Retreat?
A See our "Join Our Directory" page or contact our eXpand sales team.