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is a team who recognize and fulfill the need to connect retreat establishments with individuals and groups of all ages, race and gender who seek their services.

For the customer in search of a retreat place, the web site is a simple to use search engine that connects the customer to a vast directory of various types of retreat facilities. 

For the retreat facilities, our commitment, as a marketing-based company, is to offer our clients the best web directory available to advertise with maximum internet exposure.

At, it is our primary motivation to support people in their efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and create a sense of well being, making the world a better place for everyone.

Please visit our Q&A section, and use the email links there if you have further questions.

Mission is dedicated to a quick and simple web search that will connect individuals, couples, families and businesses or other types of groups with common interests and goals to a retreat facility matching their needs. 

Vision  The best internet advertising exposure available to retreat facilities of all types around the world. The opportunity to market retreat centers through Featured Listings. A complete web directory for customers, facilities and programs offered.  It is our intention to support the important need to connect individuals, couples, families and businesses to the appropriate retreat facilities.
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